Home Birth

Birth at home with Gravidbalans - Viveca & Victoria

Why do we work with home births?

We want to promote the autonomy of pregnant persons and those giving birth, and believe that every individual should have the power over their birth and their body. We are aiming to shield the physiological birth and strive to create a safe, permissive and strengthening atmosphere together with "our" families. Our goal is for you to enter parenthood strengthened after birth.

Childbirth is a unique and deeply personal experience, and we believe in giving pregnant and laboring individuals the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions that suit their own needs and desires. We support and encourage you who want to give birth with us to take an active role, throughout the process.

By establishing a relationship with you and your partner/support person already during pregnancy, together we will prepare for your birth to be undisturbed.

How to proceed?

If you are thinking about giving birth at home and want to know more, contact us here or via our social media. We will book an appointment for an initial phone call (calls can also be booked via the booking page).

During the phone call, we will share our way of working. We will exchange information with you, and get to know each other and your wishes as a first step.

Then we book a first home visit, which will take place in pregnancy week 30. During this visit where we'll all get to know each other further. We will go through more in detail what you can expect from us. And we will find out your wishes and desires regarding your birth. We will also review your health and assess whether home birth is suitable.

If you then decide to give birth with us attending it, we will make your reservation and set a date for the next home visit; a preparatory conversation in about pregnacny weeks 36-37. During this visit you have landed a little and new questions may have arisen. Practical preparations such as who will be there during the birth, e.g. how the water for the birth pool (if you are planning to use one) should be heated, are reviewed.

What does it cost?

The price for giving birth at home with us is SEK 30 000. 
If you are expecting your first child, the above price applies if you hired a trained doula, if not, the price is SEK 40 000.

To this is added mileage and in some cases travel allowance (see details in the PDF file below).

If you are having difficulty financing your home birth, we can help with an installment plan. We want home births to be tax-funded and recommend that you claim a economic compensation for your home birth from your region.

What is included in the price?

  • Four home visits.
  • 1-2 midwives present during the birth.
  • Round-the-clock on-call for you for five weeks: pregnancy weeks 37+0 to 41+6.
  • Administration, record management, birth notification and booking to BB reception.
    For detailed information about our arrangement, please contact us. 

If you wish, also included:

  • Birth pool
  • Acupuncture for pain relief and relaxation during birth.
  • Tailored preparation for labor and birth.
  • Discounted prices on Gravidbalans - Acupuncture in pregnancy

Who can give birth with us?

You who are healthy with a complication-free pregnancy, are expecting one child, and have an expected normal birth ahead of you, can give birth with us.

We want you to have participated in the maternity care basic program and to have the routine ultrasound performed.

We also want the baby to lie head down before birth.

We assist you who live within an hour's journey from Orust and Gothenburg respectively.

Why should you choose to give birth with us?

Only you can answer that yourself.

Above all, it should feel good when we see each other so that mutual trust can develop.

We can offer our expertise and our responsiveness to your wishes.

We always ensure that the birth should be an undisturbed physiological process on your terms.

We have knowledge and training in various techniques to help you relax and can also provide acupuncture for pain relief and relaxation if you so desire.

Do you want to know more about us, or do you have questions about home birth in general?

Book a phone call or fill out the contact form below, and we'll get back to you shortly.