My services

My midwifery services consist of home visits within about 1 hour's journey from Orust.

Home birth

Giving birth at home means that you have a greater opportunity to influence your experience than when you give birth in a hospital. Just by planning a home birth, you run less risk of being exposed to unnecessary interventions even in cases where the baby is born in a hospital. Having midwives assisting you means that you should be able to completely rely on their competence to intervene only if necessary. Thus, the birth at home in the vast majority of cases is physiological, i.e. the body is allowed to do what it should and is fully capable of, without interference.

Viveca provides acupuncture for pelvic pain
Viveca provides acupuncture for pelvic pain


Acupuncture can be a fantastic support, both for you and your unborn child, in the major adjustment process that a pregnancy entails.

By treating with acupuncture already during pregnancy, you support the uterus and your and the baby's body to do their job. You prevent complications, shorten the course of labor and increase the chance that labor will start on time.

For those who have pregnancy-related problems or pregnancy complications, acupuncture can be of great help.

Courses and lectures

Prepare for your upcoming birth. I have courses in acupressure and spinning babies for you and your partner/support person. If you give birth with Gravidbalans, tailored preparation is included.

Are you interested in birth rights? I hold lectures for those who work in maternity care as well as for interest organisations.