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My visions and goals

I believe that together we can create a future where every pregnant and birhting individual can feel respected, heard and seen.

As a part of that larger picture, I look forward to joining you in your pregnancy journey towards a positive and empowering experience in giving birth, where you get a good start on your parenthood.

Warm welcome!

Do you have questions about your pregnancy or how you can prepare for childbirth? Are you considering giving birth at home or do you want to organise a lecture on rights during pregnancy and childbirth?


2 years ago today, our son was born at home in the living room. Something I often think back to as a fantastic experience! My second birth, first at home. 

Viveca had followed me from about halfway through the pregnancy when it just so happened that she was also my mvc midwife. With Viveca, I always felt competent and listened to. My concerns and previous negative experiences were taken very seriously and I felt validated, never diminished.

At the birth we had another midwife as 1st midwife as Viveca unluckily injured her shoulder a few weeks before. But when the basic security was established, the change never felt difficult or scary and we also had the opportunity to meet this midwife in advance. Despite the injury, Viveca was also born :) just after the son, who was in a hurry, had seen the light of day. Viveca stitched up my rupture and did aftercare for the son. Viveca is very responsive and really wants everyone involved in the birth to feel safe.


Such a great course! I went to Maglplasket with Viveca as instructor, and I am so satisfied with the quality of the content, the quality of Viveca as an instructor and midwife. Have nothing negative to say 🌸 Viveca is a fantastic person, knowledgeable and friendly, calm and safe. 🌸 ...